Tankless Water Heater Flushing

Tankless Water Heater Flushing In Roseville, CA

Flushing A Tankless Water Heater

Most homeowners do not frequently service their water heaters. You may not think about how an old tankless water heater can benefit from a yearly flushing and scheduled replacement of the anode rods to protect from corrosion. A scheduled repair is rarely kept up with or not put into place at all, but if you stay up to date on this regular maintenance you can end up saving a ton of money. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional plumber to give you an assessment and help with this preventative process that can save you thousands. 



Most homeowners end up dishing out a lot more money on repairs than they would if replacement had been done. You could even save more money through replacement if you can get your old water heater an upgrade to an energy efficient one. While tankless water heaters can be quite costly, it saves money overtime when this investment is made. Households end up spending a significantly less amount of money on their energy and electric bill.



Tankless water heaters often last for over 20 years. Those who maintain it right when it is first installed often have ones that delivers quality performance throughout a long lifespan. It’s never an excellent idea to let these machines run until they wear out. Getting regular maintenance can be well worth the investment when it comes to your system.

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    How hard is the water in your area? This will be the deciding factor when it comes to how frequently your tank needs to have maintenance done. Having hard water will cause calcium to build up in the system. How fast this happens depends on how hard the water is in your area.


    Those who have a service scheduled every year tend to have little problem keeping their water running smoothly and quickly. Those with extremely hard water or those who run it very hot, more than 130 degrees, will need to have more frequent maintenance checks. They typically occur every 6 to 9 months when these factors are present.


    The calcium build up of water needs to be cleaned out.

    When materials like sediment and calcium build up it reduces the ability of your heater to efficiently run heated water through the system. These materials often act upon the system as an insulator. Water is difficult to heat up when the elements are preventing it from doing so quickly. This causes the system to use more energy than is required.


    These materials have a tendency to obstruct the flow of water. This greatly diminishes the flow rate of your tankless water heater. Buildup and sediment can build up to the point of completely blocking the pipes. This can cause clogs and leaks to occur. Your water heater system will be damaged.


    Those who wish to clean their system can use a natural product like white vinegar to do so. There are also other approved cleaners to choose from. These cleansers must be pushed into the heat exchangers to clean any scaling or mineralization that can be present in them. Keep this in mind: It is never a good idea to use any chemical you couldn’t drink. Any material you put into your water system will end up in trace amounts in your drinking water.


    A flush kit should be installed at the bottom to make it so water can be disabled. This will allow you to pump cleaner into the system. Some manufacturers sell the flush kits that correspond to the unit. Kits include a bucket, some hoses, and a pump.

    It’s important to periodically flush the unit. This keeps the unit free of lime and scale. There may be debris in the screen filter if you have hard water. Make sure this is flushed. Always be careful to refer to an owner’s manual for proper tips on how to care for your tankless water heater.


    Consider asking for assistance from a professional tankless water heater services. Consider calling Magnificent Plumbing, the leading plumbing expert in the area. They are excellent at putting their customers on regular maintenance schedules to ensure that all cleaning is taken care of. You can make your tankless water heater their priority instead of having to worry about it yourself.

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